Crucial things to e-business

Have you heard of Shopify Hong Kong’s payment methods update? In the past, Shopify Hong Kong only made credit cards available. Even though those are the popular choices, like Visa, Master, American Express, and some digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, it is also true that it was lacking some more “casual“ payment methods.

Development of Hong Kong e-payment

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) are collaborating to explore the development of an e-payment system in Hong Kong in recent years. The HKMA and HKAB will work with payment service providers and banks to explore how an e-payment system can be developed in Hong Kong, including how best to use the existing infrastructure.

The HKMA and HKAB will also work with other stakeholders, such as government departments, businesses, consumers, academics, and other industry participants, to study the feasibility of adopting a new common platform for electronic payments. This would allow all parties involved to provide input on how best to develop this new e-payment system. It, to a certain extent, explains the rapid growth in the use of payment methods like Alipay and PayMe.

Why is it important to know more about the payment method? As Ecommerce agency would suggest to their clients, payment methods are closely related to the customer journey. While everything goes online in e-commerce situations, the ease of the action of making a purchase directly determines the success of an e-business. In the second half of the article, we are going to know more about what is also crucial to an e-business besides the e-payment methods.

Website interface

The website interface is the first thing a visitor sees when they visit a website. It is the front page of the website which includes all the information about a company, including what they offer and what its mission is. It also includes contact information for customer support, social media links, and other important links.

The website interface is important because it sets up an expectation for what visitors will find on your website. If it’s not clear or interesting from your homepage, then chances are people won’t explore any further than that page to see if there’s anything else worth seeing on your site. Shopify web design often includes the appearance of the interface, while functionality is also designed for user-friendliness.


Business is not about being “good“, but being the “best“ in customers’ minds in the field you are targeting so that the customers would choose you rather than your competitors. It indicates that customization of the website is very important as the website could help businesses to differentiate themselves from the competitors and deliver messages targeting the right audience.

In usual practice, when a business starter has outsourced the Shopify development to one of its partners, the eCommerce agency or expert would start with meetings with the client to clarify the requirements before prototype making. After building on the prototype the client has chosen, customization is added and the site’s maintenance follows after that. It is one of the essential parts of Shopify development, and it is why there is a requirement for Shopify partner qualification criteria to have rich experience in working with Shopify. Customization, apparently, requires more advanced skills.

Who are Shopify partners and what do they do for e-business owners?

Shopify Partners are third-party developers who build apps and integrate them with Shopify to provide all sorts of services. These apps are for both the store owners as well as the customers.

The Shopify Partner Program is a certification program that allows companies to develop apps for use on the Shopify platform. The certification process includes a detailed review of an app’s functionality, security, and scalability. If it meets all the requirements, it will be accepted into the program.

To become a Shopify partner, one has to submit an application that is evaluated by a team of experts from various fields such as design, development, and marketing. Once approved, they can start developing their app and earn money from their work through various revenue-sharing models like fixed monthly fees or commissions on transactions completed.


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